Circular economy in Egypt: an overview of the current landscape and potential for growth

Mohamed Ramadan A. Rezk, Tarek Y. S. Kapiel, Leonardo Piccinetti, Nahed Salem, Anas Khasawneh, Donatella Santoro, Fabio Maria Montagnino, Alaa A. El-Bary, Mahmoud M. Sakr

329    115

Integrating entrepreneurship into chemistry education - Cairo University post-graduate students' case study

Hamed A. Ead, Mohamed Ramadan A. Rezk, Leonardo Piccinetti, Donatella Santoro, Abdallah Elbadry, Mahmoud M. Sakr

272    130

The Karolinska Institute innovation ecosystem for cancer startups: lessons learned and best practices

Leonardo Piccinetti, Donatella Santoro, Mohamed Ramadan A. Rezk

299    153

Circular bioeconomy in Egypt: the current state, challenges, and future directions

Leonardo Piccinetti, Mohamed Ramadan A. Rezk, Tarek Y. S. Kapiel, Nahed Salem, Anas Khasawneh, Donatella Santoro, Mahmoud M. Sakr

671    221

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) cyber prediction model

Joana Katina, Tomas Plėta, Romualdas Petkevičius, Lina Lelešienė

720    163

The determinants of entrepreneurial intention of scientist PhD students: analytical vs emotional formation of the intention

Alexandre Cabagnols, Ali Maâlej, Pierre Mauchand, Olfa Kammoun

388    190

Using the capability approach and organizational climate to study occupational health and safety

Andrea Bernardi

3846    1546

Towards diversification of the economy of Kazakhstan via information support for the tourism industry

Anna Shevyakova, Eleonorа Munsh, Malika Arystan

2693    1265

Undoing gender inequalities: insights from the Portuguese perspective

Maria Johanna Christina Schouten

2776    1266

The classification and comparison of business ratios analysis methods

Sergejs Hilkevics, Valentina Semakina

3411    1461