Aims and Scope of Research

INSIGHTS INTO REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT ISSN 2669-0195 (online) is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes original research papers and case studies. It is an international journal published cooperating with universities, international organizations, companies and consultancies. It aims to reveal novel regional development phenomena to find better ways to cope with emerging issues for sustainable and secure regional development worldwide. A particular focus is directed at emerging and less-developed regions.

The readership is experienced researchers, early-stage researchers, doctoral students, master students, politicians, practitioners, society and other stakeholders interested in sustainable and secure development challenges—the field of research: economics, management, and public administration.

The journal is published quarterly: a journal issue must be published by the last day of each quarter , e.g., the March issue has to be posted online by March 31; the September issue has to be published online by September 30; the June issue has to be published online by June 30; the December issue has to be posted online by December 31. The quarterly issues can be published earlier than the deadline but not later. The editorial board and editorial office are responsible for the regularity of the scientific journal.


The scope of the research includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Circular Economy, Energy, Food, Water, and Land Use for Sustainable Regional Development
  • Governance and Sustainable Regional Development
  • Performance of Municipalities in Regional Development
  • Human Development, Education, and Gender Equality
  • Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Regional Development
  • Information Technologies (IT) and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) for Regional Development and Socio-Economic Innovations
  • Security and Safety of Countries, Regions and Societies, Defence
  • Terrorism, International Crime, Peacekeeping and Secure Regional Development
  • Migration and Sustainable Regional Development
  • Emerging Drivers, Opportunities, or Constraints in Economies‘ Sectors of Countries and Regions
  • Technology transfer, Clusters, and Innovations for Regional Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical Behaviour, and Sustainable Regional Development
  • Start-Ups, Spin-Offs, SMEs in the Context of New Technologies and Regional Development
  • Global Value Chain Management for Sustainable Regional Development
  • Legal Regulation Peculiarities Affecting Regional Development