Aims and Scope of Research

INSIGHTS INTO REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT ISSN 2669-0195 (online) is a peer-reviewed journal, which publishes original research papers and case studies. It is international journal published cooperating with universities, social companies, consultancies and associations. Its aims are to reveal novel phenomena in regional development in order to find better ways for coping with emerging issues for sustainable and secure regional development worldwide. The journal is published quarterly.

Scope of research includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Conceptual/Practical Approaches and Methodologies towards Sustainable Regional Development
  • Globalization, Internationalization and Solutions for Low-Carbon Economies of Scope or Scale
  • Innovations and Technology Transfer Pilot Results Advancing Regional Development
  • Information Technologies (IT) and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) for Regional Development, and Socio-Economic Innovations
  • Environmental Engineering for Sustainability and Regional Development
  • Smart Electricity Grid Solutions for Sustainable Regional Development
  • Entrepreneurship for Regional Development
  • Safety and Regional Development
  • Threats to Society, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development
  • Security and Safety of Countries, Regions and Society as Precondition of Sustainable Regional Development
  • Boarder Guard Issues and Regional Development
  • Migration and Sustainable Regional Development
  • Terrorism, International Crime and Secure Regional Development
  • Security and Safety Models for Sustainable Regional Development
  • Emerging Business Drivers, Opportunities, or Constraints in Future Sectors of Current Markets
  • Retrofitting Techniques and Technologies Near-Zero Energy Demand Buildings and Regional Development
  • Urban Planning and Advanced Construction Materials for Energy-Efficiency or Smart Cities
  • Contemporary Regional Development in the Context of Security, Comfort, or Legislation
  • PPPs for Developments in Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Investments
  • Accounting for Sustainable Regional Development
  • Sustainable Regional Development in the Context of Management or Life-Long Learning
  • Strategic Management Practices and Creative Marketing Techniques for Sustainable Regional Development
  • Organizational Studies and Sustainable Regional Development
  • Regional Development in the Context of Marketing, ICT, and Creative Industries
  • Intercultural Communication for Sustainable Regional Development
  • Institutions and Regional Development
  • Case Studies on Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Regional Development
  • Social Cohesion and Social Innovations for Regional Development
  • Business Models and Strategic Management for Sustainable, Secure and Safe Futures
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Regional Development
  • Regional Development in the Context of Psychology, Education, or Women
  • Intuitions about Emerging Phenomena in Regional Development
  • Start-Ups, Spin-Offs, SMEs in the Context of Market Growth and Regional Development
  • Global Value Chain Management for Sustainable Regional Development
  • Knowledge Management for Sustainable and Safe Regional Development
  • Legal Regulation Peculiarities Affecting Regional Development

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