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Causes of employee fluctuation and the need for stabilization in Slovak hotels

Milota Vetráková, Jaroslav Kubaľa, David Austin Cole, Kristína Pompurová

140    90

Analysis of selected indicators of tax competition and tax harmonization in the EU

Marta Lukáčová, Jaroslav Korečko, Sylvia Jenčová, Mária Jusková

178    102

Are visitors interested in volunteer tourism? Evidence from Slovakia

Kristína Pompurová, Jana Sokolová, David Austin Cole, Radka Marčeková, Radoslav Kožiak

487    153

Factors related to gender and education affecting the employee motivation

Miloš Hitka, Silvia Lorincová, Milota Vetráková, Iveta Hajdúchová, Imrich Antalík

392    207

Creditworthiness place in Credit Theory and methods of its evaluation

Aina Caplinska, Manuela Tvaronavičienė

601    295

The problem of savings exclusion and gross savings in the new European Union member states

Robert Huterski, Agnieszka Anna Huterska, Justyna Łapińska, Ewa Zdunek-Rosa

536    219

Adjusting students' competences to the needs of modern business services sector

Ewa Multan

765    330

Effects of ICT’s on energy management systems

Youssef Tabsh, Vida Davidavičienė

1218    491

Organized crime in the production and distribution of falsified medicines in Poland: Outline of the problem

Jacek Dworzecki, Izabela Nowicka

1204    456

Student satisfaction and perceived skills: any link to employability?

Ovidiu Niculae Bordean, Adrian Sonea

1536    679