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Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues Open Access Q1
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LNG Maritime energy contracting model

Eunice Omolola Olaniyi, Laima Gerlitz

1195    766

Occupational health and safety aspects of green shipping in the Baltic Sea

Karin Reinhold, Marina Järvis, Gunnar Prause

1876    1179

A compliance cost analysis of the SECA regulation in the Baltic Sea

Gunnar Prause, Eunice Omolola Olaniyi

1169    437

Entrepreneurial compliance opportunities for maritime fuel producers

Eunice Omolola Olaniyi, Yassine Bakkar, Gunnar Prause

1417    685

Between sustainability, social cohesion and security. Regional development in North-Eastern Estonia

Gunnar Prause, Tarmo Tuisk, Eunice Omolola Olaniyi

1537    516

Real options analysis of abatement investments for sulphur emission control compliance

Sina Atari, Yassine Bakkar, Eunice Omolola Olaniyi, Gunnar Prause

2108    715

Evaluation of accounting regulation evolution in selected countries

Rasa Subačienė, Lehte Alver, Inta Brūna, Mirjana Hladika, Daša Mokošová, Jan Molín

1747    669

On sustainable production networks for Industry 4.0

Gunnar Prause, Sina Atari

2639    1674

Towards sustainable entrepreneurship: role of nonverbal communication in business negotiations

Kęstutis Peleckis, Valentina Peleckienė, Kęstutis Peleckis, Tatjana Polajeva

2253    1480

Regional airports’ potential as a driving force for economic and entrepreneurship development – case study from Baltic Sea region

Anatoli Beifert

1512    1318