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Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues Open access
Journal Impact FactorTM (2023) 1.2 Q4
Journal Citation IndicatorTM (2023) 0.33 Q3


Understanding the predictors of entrepreneurial intentions of young people from Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, and Romania

Daniel Vankov, David Kozma, Martin Galanternik, Johan Chiers, Borislav Vankov, Lin Wang

2561    952

Do environmental and financial performances affect environmental disclosures? Evidence from listed companies in Indonesia

Indah Fajarini Sri Wahyuningrum, Mochamad Arief Budihardjo, Fadel Iqbal Muhammad, Hadrian Geri Djajadikerta, Terri Trireksani

3225    1473

An integrative study of the implications of the rise of coworking spaces in smart cities

Fang Zhao, Catherine Prentice, Joseph Wallis, Arvind Patel, Marie-France Waxin

3618    1547

Toward the best practice emissions reduction in an emerging economy: an analysis of cement manufacturing in Indonesia

Togar W. S. Panjaitan, Paul Dargusch, David Wadley, Ammar A. Aziz

2765    4200

A business model analysis of blockchain technology-based startup

Joo Yeon Park, Chang Soo Sung

3400    1880

Barriers and challenges experienced by migrant African women entrepreneurs in North Queensland, Australia

Jane Njaramba, Philemon Chigeza, Hilary Whitehouse

4666    1985

Approach towards female African migrant entrepreneurship research

Jane Njaramba, Hilary Whitehouse, Darren Lee-Ross

4556    1928

Financial literacy:the case of migrant African-Australian women entrepreneurs in the cairns region

Jane Njaramba, Philemon Chigeza, Hilary Whitehouse

4406    2722