Received: 2014-02-15  |  Accepted: 2014-05-20  |  Published: 2014-06-30


Sustainable Entrepreneurship: The Wolf ButterBack Case


The overarching goal of strategic management is creating and capturing value for core stakeholders. Strategic audit enables a systematic analysis to be made of various corporate functions and activities. The Wolf ButterBack case is especially designed for using the Wheelen and Hunger (2012) case method, providing the opportunity to move from a narrow, specialized view that emphasizes functional techniques to a broader, less precise analysis of the overall corporation. Its strengths include a real-world orientation and the ability to focus on developing decision-making skills. This case study confirms the importance of value based sustainable entrepreneurship. Sustainable management is an unwritten law at Wolf ButterBack. Their entrepreneurial vision has never only focused on short-term profit maximisation but always on the company’s long-term survival. The values that were the heart and soul of the company in that tiny garage in Stein are still valid today: Passion for the highest quality, focus on what is important and sustainable and, above all, closeness to customers. The case study is limited by the lack of financial information; this is typical for family owned firms where statements are delivered only to family members. It is recommended that further research should include evolutionary approaches, which are not explicitly used as a theoretical framework in strategic management, although the evolutionary perspective is consistent with it.


case analysis methodology, strategic audit, strategic management, sustainable entrepreneurship, values

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Wahl, Mike Franz
Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia
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