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Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues Open Access Q1
Scopus - coverage starting with 2017 material


Adjusting students' competences to the needs of modern business services sector

Ewa Multan

765    330

Digital support to external sustainability communication in self-adhesive labelling industry

Mariana Tesařová, Aleš Krmela, Iveta Šimberová

588    243

Efficiency of the public financial support granted to social enterprises

Marian Oliński

529    247

Mechanism to ensure sustainable development of enterprises in the information space

Akmal Durmanov, Viera Bartosova, Svetlana Drobyazko, Oksana Melnyk, Volodymyr Fillipov

1028    369

Analysis of financial literacy tendencies with young people

Aina Caplinska, Alina Ohotina

1358    555

Conflict resolution approaches towards smart sustainability of internal relations

Rastislav Kazanský, Vladimír Andrassy

1337    530

Tackling projects on sustainability: a Lithuanian case study

Nomeda Dobrovolskienė, Manuela Tvaronavičienė, Rima Tamošiūnienė

1549    960

Business model strategies: Flexibility trade in emerging low voltage distribution networks

Patrick Lynch, Jamie Power, Richard Hickey, Thomas Messervey

1618    1096

Energy balancing accross cities: Virtual Power Plant prototype and iURBAN case studies

Michael Oates, Aidan Melia, Valeria Ferrando

1480    1080

Towards sustainable water networks: automated fault detection and diagnosis

Domenico Perfido, Massimiliano Raciti, Chiara Zanotti, Niall Chambers, Louise Hannon, Marcus Keane, Eoghan Clifford, Andrea Costa

1705    1034