Received: 2019-12-10  |  Accepted: 2020-06-10


Towards sustainable functioning of organizations via stakeholder focus: methodological and thematic review


During consideration of the organizational ecosystem’s effectiveness, a company shall consider the interests of a wide range of stakeholders. This includes the integration of the variety of organizational events in which any stakeholder is involved. Using this approach, the effectiveness of the organization can be measured in terms of satisfaction expressed by each of the stakeholders, where the role of the society as a stakeholder is recognized with increased attention to the customer relations. The current Consumer Relationship Marketing is an important marketing concept to retain and develop the customer loyalty. The customer-focused approach is one of the important tools for managing these relationships aimed at obtaining sustainable long-term profits. More recently in scientific and practical activities, we face examples and concepts such as customer-focused marketing; customer-focused information system; customer-focused strategy; structure; business; management system, etc. Therefore, it is always an important factor in research. Over many years of customer-focused research, the language and understanding between business researchers have been established; and knowledge has been structured. But despite the empirical evidence of structure, we reluctantly hear and acknowledge the metaphor of customer-focus. The aim of this study is to propose alternative aspects of customer-focus from existing research. Therefore, our research suggests to study the influential factors that enterprises experience in the context of a customer-focused strategy using the methodology of a systematic background paper review. In order to develop this document, the following databases were used - ResearchGate, Emerald, Publons, Sciencedirec. The topics defined to consider the customer-focus were selected as antecedents of satisfaction; customer loyalty; factors of total quality management and their dependence on specific marketing aspects. Thus, the research question was formulated as follows - What factors have influenced the adoption of a customer- focused strategy?


customer-focus, customer loyalty, consumer relationship marketing, methodological review, thematic review, systematic review of background paper

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F01 , F60 , P51





Islamgaleyev, Arman
VUZF University (Higher School of Insurance and Finance)
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Karibdzhanov, Chingiz
Almaty Management University
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Petrova, Mariana
St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo
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