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Transformation of economy towards tourism: case of Kazakhstan


In the tourist practice, the information support of tourism activities provides the comfort of tourist services and the attractiveness of the region enhances the motivation of consumers to visit this territory, which leads in the development of entrepreneurship. The development of tourism demand accelerates diversification in the economy creates new types of proposals in entrepreneurship. Non-governmental organizations in Kazakhstan, as well as all over the world, can play an active role in the promotion of regions, the individual settlements and the events. The latest advances of telecommunications, network organizations, the creation and processing of databases and e-marketing provide new business opportunities in the tourism sector. Therefore, the main sphere of changes and innovations in the sphere of tourism is connected with using of information and communication technologies. Kazakhstan with its unique natural resources and original culture of the nomadic people has a huge untapped potential for tourism development in the international and regional markets. Tourism as a type of business in the Republic of Kazakhstan is recognized as one of the priority branches of the economy at the state level. Modern trends in the development of the industry is consisted in the fact that tourists who have studied well the most famous resorts of the world are eager for those countries where the tourism sector is just beginning to develop. At the present stage of tourism development, Kazakhstan is becoming a more attractive country for lovers of extreme species and / or ethnographic tourism. The tourist potential of recreational resources, historical and cultural heritage may allow Kazakhstan to harmoniously integrate into the international tourist market. It can ensure stable employment and income growth, stimulate the development of related industries and lead to an increase in investment flows in the national economy.


Kazakhstan, economic sectors, pre-employment, tourism, non-governmental organizations, information technologies and support, computer networks, diversification

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L31 , O53





Shevyakova, Anna
LLP "Rational Solution"
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Tyugina, Irina
National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic Kazakhstan "Atameken"
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Arystan, Malika
Karaganda Economic University
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Munsh, Eleonorа
EPAM Kazakhstan
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