Vision, mission, values


The vision of Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Center is to become recognized, internationally oriented scientific non-profit organization, contributing to the dissemination of top notch research findings and playing an active role in global research community.

The main objectives of Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Center are:

  • to provide information, training and consulting services, contributing to the development of entrepreneurship and sustainability;
  • to promote excellent and original research publications through center’s journals and contribute to the development of researchers;
  • to disseminate research findings and scientific knowledge through organization of international conferences, seminars and public events.
  • to foster international cooperation with business companies, social entrepreneurship companies, non-profit organizations and high education institutions through implementation of common projects.


To inspire, inform and connect the global scientific and practitioners’ community through supporting exchange of novel ideas and discussion leading to sustainable development of society.


We treat everyone with integrity and respect; continually strive for excellence in all our activities

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