Received: 2015-09-20  |  Accepted: 2015-11-25


The influence of protected areas on military training areas in terms of sustainable development


Protecting natural resources, for example through a functioning of environmentally protected areas at present is actually connected with eco-development concept, which helps to avoid some mistakes and socio-economical wastes. Creating and functioning of protected areas must be correlated with the development of the neighboring areas, in such a way that it would not be a threat for natural environment. Such neighboring areas are for example military training areas, which partly conserve the environment, as rich nature reserves, including protected areas are located on the majority of them. Therefore, the aim of the article is to examine the connection of protected areas on active military training areas. The article contains the diagnosis of military training areas in connection with protected areas and evaluation of the role of military training areas in nature conservation. The activity of the army on training areas, in view of current intensity and form of activities, should be regarded as not detrimental for nature.


protected areas, military training areas, sustainable development

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Q26 , Q01





Zug, Magdalena
Wrocław University of Economics
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Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues

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