Received: 2017-05-27  |  Accepted: 2017-12-06


Energy security issues in contemporary Europe


Throughout the history of mankind, energy security has been always seen as a means of protection from disruptions of essential energy systems. The idea of protection from disorders emerged from the process of securing political and military control over energy resources to set up policies and measures on managing risks that affect all elements of energy systems. The various systems placed in a place to achieve energy security are the driving force towards the energy innovations or emerging trends in the energy sector. Our paper discusses energy security status and innovations in the energy sector in European Union (EU). We analyze the recent up-to-date developments of the energy policy and exploitation of energy sources, as well as scrutinize the channels of energy streaming to the EU countries and the risks associated with this energy import. Moreover, we argue that the shift to the low-carbon production of energy and the massive deployment of renewable energy sources (RES) might become the key issue in ensuring the energy security and independency of the EU from its external energy supplies. Both RES, distributed energy resources (DER) and “green energy” that will be based on the energy efficiency and the shift to the alternative energy supply might change the energy security status quo for the EU.


energy security, natural gas, oil, renewable energy, distributed energy resources, European Union (EU)

JEL classifications

C10 , F64 , Q20 , Q41





Abrhám, Josef
University of Economics, Prague
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Britchenko, Igor
University of Economics, Prague
State Higher Vocational School Memorial of Prof. Stanislaw Tarnowski in Tarnobrzeg
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Jankovic, Marija
Mediterranean University
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Garškaitė-Milvydienė, Kristina
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
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Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues

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