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Towards safety of society: rethinking principles of police financing


Section 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania establishes the basic human of our society security rights. In accordance with the basic law of our state human has a right to life, health, freedom, personal integrity, property and other rights. The law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Lithuania, including the police play a major role in realizing these rights in protecting these human values. From which responsibility for performing duties in many cases belongs to the quality of the protection of the said constitutional values in our society and the comfortable, easy staying in Lithuania of each person. However, how to find the optimal model of the relationship between the society and the police, so that each side - the public and its institution, the police would be interested in legal relations – the society should encourage its authority to carry out safety functions, responsibly and willingly, and the police has to ensure proper human security. In this article, possible model of legal services between police and society based on free market (supply and demand) principles is analyzed. Based on free market principles and pairing its elements – supply and demand with law elements – duty and right. Upholding the idea, that free market is an optimal and the most rightful way of cultural exchange, theoretically attempting to model legal relations in free market principles to achieve the most rightful exchange of legal services between society and police, while at the same time meeting security needs of society.


free market principles, safety, legal service, police activity, social relations, legislation

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Danišauskas, Gintautas
Mykolas Romeris University
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Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues

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