Received: 2016-08-16  |  Accepted: 2017-03-20


Information systems for sustainable performance of organizations


Since the mid-1990s, enterprise resource plannig (ERP) information systems have been installed in thousands of companies worldwide. A growing number of studies and research papers show that information systems have a significant role in the sustainable economic development assuring economic competitiveness. Modern enterprise performance management shares a strong strategic and sustainable orientation of management focused on further strategic growth and business development with parallel use of information and all highly sophisticated knowledge resulting from modern enterprise information technology. The paper focuses on research findings related to information processes and their impact on overall entrepreneurship performance. The most important results show that the companies from the selected industrial segments in Slovakia have a strong focus on the application of innovation procedures and specific business information systems. The results bring the findings that business intelligence (BI) is based on information and knowledge with a high added value has a positive long-term and sustainable effect on the overall entrepreneurship performance. By application of selected management tools such as ERP, BI information systems and others, it can be achieved a higher entrepreneurship performance of industry companies in Slovakia and EU. We believe that our study presented in this paper contributes to explore a new dimension to the existing view on business information systems in industrial companies. More detailed research results are presented in this paper.


sustainability, sustainable performance management, information system, innovation

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M21 , M15





Rajnoha, Rastislav
Pan-European University
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Korauš, Antonín
Pan-European University
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Dobrovič, Ján
University of Prešov
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Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues

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