Received: 2016-01-14  |  Accepted: 2016-03-25


Towards conflicts’ settlement: development of the meaning of mediation in the legal doctrine


The alternative methods of dispute resolution are new field of study in Latvia. In most cases procedurial issues of these methods and their real practical application are outside any legal regulation. One of these alternative dispute resolution methods is called mediation. Person, who is responsible for the management of this process, is called mediator. The meaning of this term is known from the ancient civilization times. It is useful to understand the initial comprehension of mediation in order to sucessfully implement this process in the legal system of modern society. Nevertheless the elaboration of mediation procedure asks serious evalution of possibilites in order to completely evolve basic principles of alternative dispute resolution methods in the legal system of any country. Answering on question whether it is possible to completely realize the concept of mediation, it is necessary clearly understand, what it is and how you can use the advantages of this process in real life.


mediation, comprehension, concepts, conflict settlement

JEL classifications

K10 , K14 , K40





Jefimovs, Nikolajs
Daugavpils University
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Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues

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