Received: 2016-05-15  |  Accepted: 2016-10-20


Sustainable economic development through human resource management: social intelligence of managers and performance


Human Resources Management (HRM) is still regarded as an unexplored area from the perspective of performance, andtherefore many unanswered questions arise from this topic.The key link is the manager in HRM who is responsible for the co-implementation of HRM practices. From this specific perspective, managerial practices are an important assumption for a successful employees’ management and mainly their work performance. People management cannot exist without the existence of social competence that is inevitably influenced to a considerable degree by social intelligence of the manager.The relationship between social intelligence and performance motivation was examined on a sample of interviewees as well as the impact of social intelligence on handling demanding situations that a manager encounters in everyday work situations. The results of the research have showed the discrepancies in the age groups as well as work placement that has proved the fact that managers are more socially intelligent than non-managers. Further results of the research and the conclusions take us beyond in this area which requires increasingly bigger attention from academia. Clearly, both the impact of a manager’s personality on HRM and the possibilities of influencing organizational performance are topics that require further research.


human resources management practices (HRM practices), performance, social intelligence, social competence, manager, sustainable economic development

JEL classifications

L20 , L25 , L26 , L29





Korauš, Antonín
Pan-European University
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Kaščáková, Zuzana
University of Prešov
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Parová, Valéria
University of Prešov
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Veselovská, Stanislava
Paneuropean University in Bratislava
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