Received: 2016-02-10  |  Accepted: 2016-06-26


Personal security and social care: a comparison of Germany and the Czech Republic


This paper focuses on personal security and social care issues in the two EU countries: Germany and the Czech Republic. It is obvious that the Czech legislator strove for a comprehensive and complete Codification. However, it is doubtful whether such a density is really necessary or whether the worldwide trend for the simplification of international private law is not missed. In contrast to this stands the German law, which is limited to a large extent to principles and avoids detail regulations. Exceptions are made only in the case of consumer rights and the registered life partnership. However these two institutes are particularly regulation needy, since they are not yet common in every country. The social care cannot be seen only as the responsibility of regional authorities or the state and its law. The elderly, children, homelesses, living in municipalities, are entitled to expect that their municipality will be fully aware of their problems and needs. The municipality, really state is responsible for all its citizens, and issues involving the social care will be at the forefront in several decades as a result of recent demographic indicators. This fact is also closely related to the responsible legal system supporting development of in-home social care services and quality of social workers at the state level and its law. Both codifications are coherent and effective. However the Czech legislator should think at least about an implementation of the consumer protection. Not at least because the consumers protection is one of the social policies of the European Union.


obligation, security, collisions, law harmonization, international private law, social care, Czech Republic, Germany

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Bílý, Jiří
College of European and Regional Studies
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Horváthová, Zuzana
Metropolitan University Prague
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Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues

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