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Consumer approach to bank payment card security and fraud


Due to the rise and rapid growth in e-commerce in recent years, the use of payment cards for online purchases has dramatically increased the credit and debit cards market. This situation has led to an explosion in payment card fraud and it is causing billions of euros and dollars in losses in the card payment industry. In addition to direct losses, the brand may be affected by fraud-induced decrease in consumer confidence. It is therefore important to know the opinion and consumer approach to security and payment card fraud. As a result of rising losses, financial institutions and card issuers are constantly searching for new technologies and innovations in payment card fraud detection and prevention. This article provides several views on personal safety and quality of security that banks devote to payment cards and payment systems and the related research was carried out in an electronic form by means of selective examination in Slovakia in 2015. The study group consisted of 287 respondents, of whom 164 were men and 123 were women. The respondents were categorised by their age, education and job. The study results can help the issuers of payment cards and banks as well as clients using payment cards, especially in order to increase the prevention of misusage of payment cards and fraud.


commercial banks, security, customer satisfaction, bank payment cards, payment card fraud

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Korauš, Antonín
Pan-European University
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Dobrovič, Ján
University of Prešov
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Gombár, Miroslav
Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice
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Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues

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