Received: 2016-02-23  |  Accepted: 2016-05-27


Towards sustainable development: tackling relations between energy security and social exclusion


The shifted research gaze in energy security studies leads to formulation of new question – is it possible to talk not only about objective indicators of material deprivation and poverty caused by the lack of energy security, but take into account indicators from socio-cultural dimension? By analyzing solely objective processes and considering economic and political reasons as well as consequences of energy security do we not forget to analyze less visible but not less important aspects of norms, values and power relations, for example how energy security is related to social exclusion? Social exclusion in the paper is defined as process in which the minimum quality of life is not available for the individual or conditions that increase insecurity, shame, psychological discomfort, lack of confidence, lack of self respect and dignity. The ambition of this article is to contribute to consistency of theoretical discussion by tackling energy security to social exclusion as well as by setting methodological guidelines for the assesment of energy security impact on social exclusion. Based on various theories and research models the methodological framework is being laid down in the paper which would encompass such questions as - how public interest is recognized and represented in energy security policy; how (and if at all) the interest of smaller social groups (environmentalists, pensioners, poor, etc.) is defined and represented; whether energy security policy acknowledges interest of poor, deprived and disenfranchised individuals or addresses solely to active and powerful (from consumption point of view) individuals; how existing energy security policy treats and fosters to feel vulnerable groups?


energy security, social exclusion, social justice, public interest, social groups, methodology

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Genys, Dainius
Vytautas Magnus University
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Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues

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