Received: 2016-01-10  |  Accepted: 2016-05-20


Security preconditions: understanding migratory routes


This paper is mapping the migratory routes to Europe, details their characteristics and briefs the ongoing changes in the political, economic and social sphere. Though many people think that migration towards Europe is a recent phenomenon, it have been lasting – with diverse intensity – for centuries now, even its main tracks remained almost the same. There are routes that are crowded with migrants at one year and – due to European border authorities’ counter-measurements – are empty a few months later. Considering the adaptability of these migratory routes, detecting, tracking and detailing them are a significant challenge, although, in order to manage the recent crisis, analysis and the appropriate use of the information on migratory routes are essential. This motivated me to briefly delineate the main paths used by the illegal migrants on their ways to Europe. This paper however, does not elaborate on the movements within the EU and the ways connecting the member countries.


illegal migration, border defence, Europe, Balkan, Mediterranean, Africa, migrant

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J61 , K40





Besenyő, János
Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) General Staff Scientific Research Centre
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Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues

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