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Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues Open Access Q1
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Transformational Communication via Evolving Ethical and Moral Norms of Lithuanian Civil Service Organizations

Mindaugas Laužikas, Aistė Miliūtė

221    88

Service Innovation Commercialization Factors in the Fast Food Industry

Mindaugas Laužikas, Aistė Miliūtė, Lukas Tranavičius, Emilis Kičiatovas

1108    991

Effects of consumer behaviour on innovations in fast food industry

Mindaugas Laužikas, Hailee Tindale, Lukas Tranavičius, Emilis Kičiatovas

1255    822

Contributions of sustainable start-up ecosystem to dynamics of start-up companies: the case of Lithuania

Mindaugas Laužikas, Hailee Tindale, Augustinas Bilota, Dovilė Bielousovaitė

1246    990

Impacts of sustainable structural growth on the economic performance of listed companies

Mindaugas Laužikas, Antanas Krasauskas

1118    734

The role of creativity in sustainable business

Mindaugas Laužikas, Rasa Mokšeckienė

1228    1294